Gather around and lose yourself in fun and frivolity as the performers of Endless Productions take you on a journey of the imagination through Theatre and Dance featuring Shakespearean Improv, Bellydancing, Norse tales of the End of the World, and other Mystical, Mythical and Legendary Things.


11:30-  Bellydancing
12:30- King Arthur
1:30- King Arthur
2:30- Bellydancing
3:30- King Arthur
4:30- Ragnarok
5:30- Bellydancing

11:30- Bellydancing
12:30- King Arthur
1:30- Ragnarok
2:30- Bellydancing
3:30- Bellydancing
4:30- King Arthur
5:30- Ragnarok
6:30- Bellydancing

1:30- Bellydancing
12:30- King Arthur
1:30- Ragnarok
2:30- Bellydancing
3:30- King Arthur
4:30- Ragnarok

Empire Chivalry and Steel

The purpose of this nonprofit educational corporation is to study, and teach the general public, ideals and history from 800 AD to 1650 AD, specifically covering the geographical boundaries of Europe, and to provide an organized effort in the collection, interpretation and distribution of historical data through publication and demonstration.

Southern Nevada Re-enactors (The Village of Loch Meade)
As the wind sweeps down from the Highlands, the only thing between you & the hereafter is a bit of wool & your sword. As hard as life was, the people were warm & generous. Highland hospitality is legendary, experience a small taste at our table. Grab your kilt, your sword, & join us! The Village of Loch Mead is situated on the northern coast of Scotland. We are a free port who welcomes Irish, Spaniards, French, freebooters (Pirates), gypsies, beggars, and even the English if they have enough coin. 

About: Loch Mead Village Guild, also known as the Southern Nevada Re-enactors, is a non-profit educational & charitable organization dedicated to the re-creation of life in Renaissance Scotland. 

Fun Activities to Participate In:
Magic shows Saturday and Sunday 
Witch trials at least once a day 
A cooling and water station under our main pavilion (20x30) 
A open stage times for use by other performers

Rolling Thunder
The echo of a drum across a battlefield can embolden an army preparing for imminent combat and in turn create fear and dissention among the ranks of opposing soldiers. Prior to modern communications, nearly every Army signaled their troops through varying drum beats and cadences.Flank an enemy position, hold a shield wall, march at double-time; the drum told the soldier what to do, where to go, and how fast to move. Rolling Thunder draws its focus from the battle drums of innumerable wars throughout history. We invite all to come and play on one or all of our 30+ drums. Throughout the faire, we will be offering drumming classes and demonstrations.

Activities Offered:
Open drumming for all 
Learn different drumming cadences 
Hand drumming techniques 
How to properly replace a drum head