Black Talons

The Black Talon Mercenary Company was started in 1991 with the two goals in mind.The first is to becoming the best fighting group in the SCA. The second was to educate everyone about the medieval era and get them engaged in our hobby.We are a not for profit group that has grown to over 100 members internationally.Black Talon has become one of the most respected fighting units on any field in the SCA world.Black Talon can be found at many large events from Pennsic to Estrella Wars.We host the Blood of Heroes tournament at the Las Vegas Renaissance Faire. Our fighters are known for their ferocity and tenacity on the field.Black Talon is very active with Boy Scouts of America events all over the US.We do crossovers and day camps.We have yearly demonstrations at schools, fairs, businesses as well as private groups.Our group stays busy with our educational demos and enjoys the interaction when educating children and adults alike.

Here at the Las Vegas Renaissance Faire, we set up a fighting area, called an “erich”, in which children of all ages, BIG & little, can “Fight A Knight”. We try to teach team tactics, working together, and how to play responsibly. This also gives us a chance to recruit future fighters, if any are interested.

Congratulations Black Talon for 28 good years!!! Huzzah!!!


Is a non profit educational re-creationist group of people depicting life and skills of Norse culture and the influences from the beginning of 937 AD to the 1600s. Its mission statement includes all aspects of Norse life from meal smiting, combat sports, crafts and raw materials to finished groups. Learning spinning and music of the times and lectures of all aspects of Norse life. 

Fun Activities to Participate In:
Children’s combat sports 
Weaving and spinning, metal smiting and fabrics
Music of the Norse 
Demos with period instruments 
Tents contortion and resources
Norse art and painting
Ruins and their meanings and lectures on Norse History and traditions and how they influence lif