Amblefolke Street Actors Educational Guild: 
As a guild, Amblefolke are in historic transition from peasant to middle class, changing with the times in Elizabethan England. 

As a guild, we bring to your faire meet and greet, prove with patrons at the gate. We provide a “turnkey” treasure hunt for children (of any age) which encourages patrons to visit the entire faire site and occupies the younger family members.

We provide peace tying of bladed weapons at the gate, helpful information service to patrons and generally set the tone for incoming guests by “chatting them up”, speaking a (theatrical version of) the Queen’s English and welcoming them to renaissance times. 

Activities to Participate In: 
What we do is a "Treasure Hunt". We provide maps, set up flags and stamps to mark with maps with at various guilds and vendors so that to find all flags, patrons will have seen the entire faire sight. This provides something for the children to do while going about faire with their families. Each map brought back to us allows the child (of whatever age) to choose one prize from the treasure chest in our camp. We buy prizes at wholesale and try to ensure that the retail price of the items exceeds the requested donations for the maps. We request $3 for the first, $2 for each additional map within a group and frequent make "deals" to ensure that large families aren't excluded due to cost.

Blackshire Company of the Sword 

Blackshire’s Company of the Sword portrays Stoddard’s Company of Foote, an English militia company of the 16th Century that actually existed. As a London based company Stoddard’s would be made up of merchants and tradesmen, mostly apprentices and journeymen, who would train monthly and could be called upon to serve in the case of war. The original Company was stationed at the Tower of London for a period of time and for this reason was sometimes referred to as a Tower Band 

Activities to Participate In:
The group’s representatives demonstrate the use of pikes both offensively and defensively against cavalry and infantry. 
The use of swords, halberds and other weapons of the era are also demonstrated to the audience. T
he general makeup and history of militia companies are also discussed versus professional armies. 
Blackshire’s participate in progress for the Queen and any Battle pagent that may be organized. 
Captain, Frank Licata, participates in the organization of the Battle Pagent and runs the English side. 

Brotherhood of the Bottle 

Brotherhood of the Bottle is a renaissance guild that depicts a tavern during the Elizabethan 

era. We specialize in interaction with the public to entertain and educate. We love nothing better than to put a smile on the face of everyone passing by! We just might pull you into a game or perhaps our resident fallen friar will marry you off to a lovely wench or charming rogue… you might even learn something in the process. We serve people from all stations and sometimes exotic lands. Perhaps you might even catch the queen making a visit to quench her thirst on a hot day, it’s been known to happen. 

Fun Activities to Participate In:
Games – giant jenga, knotty game, pass the orange, peasant bowling, etc. 
Interaction with patrons to entertain and educate 
Feasting and generally exhibiting life in a tavern of the period 
Singing badly 

Saint Augustine

The Guild of Saint Augustine continues to be an English Nobility Guild demonstrating the lives of courtiers in Her Majesties (Queen Elizabeth) Court. We demonstrate the clothing of the nobility along with some activities that they would have engaged in such as feasting, dancing, sword play. We believe in interacting with the audience so we invite them to speak and play with us. 

Fun Activities to Participate In:
Sword Play 
Crowd interaction through play
Steel Bonnets

We portray a group of Borders from the Anglo/Scottish Borders currently in service to the English Crown to augment her militia. We will usually be accompanied by others also employed by her Majesty. In our camp you can learn the history of ourselves and the time we are in. This will also involve the weapons, armor and equipment. You can experience the tools of the trade first hand by handling and trying on the various pieces on display.

Also appearing at the English Village:
Kriegshunde Fahnline
Saint Ives