The Wilds
The Wild come from many places. Our backgrounds range from poor exiled farmers to exiled royalty. Some fight for wealth, others for glory, and a few simply love the fury of battle. Often times we are asked “what are you?” Well, the short answer has always been, “we are the wild” But we are more. We are a collection of lost souls. We follow one rule, the Dark Queen of Takhisis word. We are neither good, no are we evil. We fight with passion and rage, but follow her word without hesitation. We have been on both sides of the battle field and have shown both sides we are worth the coin they pay. We are mercenaries, gathered by the four winds, and grouped together to form a power unmatched by any. Stand in our way and you shall be cut down.

Dogs of War
Since the oceans drank Atlantis the civilized folk have feared us. Kings and emperors wonder when we will come from our wild places to knock on their gates. With longbow and quarter horse we conquer. With handaxe and longship we pillage. With flashing sword and bearskin cloak we brought the world’s greatest empires to their knees. We are Warriors. We are Savages. We are Barbarians. We are… The Dogs of War, a Barbarian historical reenactment group from Las Vegas – home of the Age of Chivalry Renaissance Faire. Our savage mercenary includes barbarians throughout history – Mongols, Huns, Vikings, Celts and Goths. Our handmade leather costumes, authentic weapons and armor, and authentic barbarian war camp give faire patrons a unique ‘barbaric’ renaissance fair experience. Combining real history, brash humor and the free spirit in each of us, the Dogs of War invite any man, woman or child who passes our gates to unleash their inner barbarian. Come with the Dogs of War and know what it is to Live Free and Die Well – because there’s a fierce and wild barbarian in us all! 

Fun Activities to Participate In:
Weapon education

Black Talon
The Black Talon Mercenary Company was started in 1991 with the two goals in mind. The first is to becoming the best fighting group in the SCA. The second was to educate everyone about the medieval era and get them engaged in our hobby. We are a not for profit group that has grown to over 100 members internationally. Black Talon has become one of the most respected fighting units on any field in the SCA world. Black Talon can be found at many large events from Pennsic to Estrella Wars. We host the Blood of Heroes tournament at the Las Vegas Renaissance Faire. Our fighters are known for their ferocity and tenacity on the field. Black Talon is very active with Boy Scouts of America events all over the US. We do crossovers and day camps. We have yearly demonstrations at schools, fairs, businesses as well as private groups. Our group stays busy with our educational demos and enjoys the interaction when educating children and adults alike. 

Here at the Las Vegas Renaissance Faire, we set up a fighting area, called an “erich”, in which children of all ages, BIG & little, can “Fight A Knight”. We try to teach team tactics, working together, and how to play responsibly. This also gives us a chance to recruit future fighters, if any are interested. At night, we will have a fire troupe, Flameology, performing in our erich at 8.00pm both Friday & Saturday nights. Come early for a good view!! 

Congratulations Black Talon, for 26 good years!!! Huzzah!!

Ravenshold is a Nordic re-enactment guild that represents the Viking Era of Northern Europe and Scandinavia, which is dated from approximately 793 CE with the destruction of the Lindisfarne Abbey, to the battle of Hastings in 1066 AD. As a group, we offer examples of activities that would have been seen in the daily lives of the famous Norsemen, which are often hidden by the tales of their battle prowess. Join us all weekend to learn traditional Viking games such as Kubb, 9 pins, Chess, and the traditional Hnefatafl. On Friday, all are welcome to join us for games, and we operate as both a water and stamp hunt stop. In the evening at 8pm, all are also welcome to gather outside our encampment to view as our guild performs a 25th anniversary vow renewal in the form of a traditional Viking Handfasting Come join us on Saturday from 2 – 5pm for crafting! Learn the basics behind inkle weaving, drop spindle, luceting, and Viking style braiding, or stop by for a demonstration of leatherworking and chainmail making, or to pose for a picture with our Viking Ship! We will be continuing the fun on Sunday as well, keeping all of our activities going until the event’s conclusion, so feel free to come by and visit! Also, as you come in, or leave us don’t forget to visit our crafty friends from Turn-Turn-Turn, who will be stationed in a corner of our camp. They offer a wide variety of handcrafted pens, kaleidoscopes, sewing supplies and more! 

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